M & C Vessey Farm

orchard u-pick



Our Early Glow and Honey strawberries are usually ready to pick around Mother's Day in May. You can't beat their plump, juicy flavor. We only have u-pick strawberries, sorry we do not offer strawberries already picked.



Our delicious peaches reach maturity in July.  We grow 12 varieties of yellow and white peaches, including doughnut peaches. Our peaches are good in pies or just sliced over ice cream. 



Our blackberries are usually ready to be picked when the peaches are on in July! Just ask us what's ready to be picked & you can come by anytime! 



White and yellow nectarines are available usually July through August! They are wonderful to u-pick or have them at our produce stand that we pick. 



Plums are ready normally from July through August. Come try them, they are amazing! 



Pears will be determined  for u-pick during the month of September. The varieties we have even include Asian pears. We have them available at our market too!



We grow 29 varieties of apples including the popular Staymans, Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Galas, Fujis, Pink Ladies, Honeycrisp, and more! Come pick your own or pick up a bushel from us that starts around August.



Come join the fun & pick up your Fall decorations! We offer  a U-Pick Pumpkin Patch for the whole family to join!


M & C Vessey Orchard

M & C Vessey Farm has an orchard in the main entrance of our market! You will look over 15 acres with 1,300+ fruit trees. Apples range from well known varieties such as Gala, Red Delicious, and Fuji to lesser known varieties such as Pink Lady -- there are 29 different varieties of apples in all! Apple picking begins in August. 

Brings the kids and pack a picnic lunch if you'd like to stay a while. 

Picnic tables are available for your use. 

Pick your own peaches and blackberries that are available in July with strawberries, cantaloupes, melons, watermelon, and nectarines available in season.  

Vegetable lovers will enjoy the section of our local product. This includes asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, brussel sprouts, zucchini, squash, corn, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, string beans, beets, & more! 

We also have fresh farm eggs, & local honey! 

Don't forget our infamous M & C Vessey Apple Cider! Located in the back of the market is a seperate room designated for making apple cider. Fourteen bushels of apples are washed, pressed, and ground in a conveyor belt system to create 35 gallons of delicious, all natural cider made from a special, secret blend of specific apple varieties. Available in 1/2 gallons & gallon jugs. You have to try it! We have mastered this apple cider blend! Not to mention, we even have apple cider slushies year around! 

Seasonal Schedule 

Strawberries- May

Beets: Spring  (May  through June) 

Peaches - July through September 

Blackberries - July

Nectarines - July through August 

Plums - July through August

Pears - September

Apples: Summer - Fall

String Beans: Fall

Pumpkins: Fall 

Winter Time 

Christmas is a special time of year at the farm with a great variety of fresh Christmas trees such as Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and others. Sizes vary from 5-7 foot with special orders available for 8-10 foot trees. Please order in September for pre-Thanksgiving delivery. Beautiful garlands and wreaths are also available! 

 We will be closed from the 2nd week of December through next May.  

Although we have special events that will be posted to our event page that we'd love for you to join!